Xiaomi returns to the game. In the second quarter of this year sales of smartphones of this manufacturer are expected to be even higher than I did a few days ago. The third quarter should be even better, and the whole year 2017 very successful – Xiaomi should be without much trouble to market 80 million smartphones.

Rapid growth in the early years of Xiaomi's business ended in a severe shortage in 2015 when the company failed to achieve its planned sales plan. In 2016 sales began to decline, so Xiaomi decided to operate, starting expansion in selected markets such as Eastern Europe (including Poland) or India. It was a shot at the bullseye, which brings more and more fruit. Some time ago I wrote that in the current quarter Xiaomi will sell some 20 million smartphones. The data analyst responsible for the data, however, reports that the figure may eventually rise to 23 million , due to the overwhelming interest in Xiaomi's equipment in June. Forecasts for the third quarter are even more optimistic, as 28 million copies are spoken. Adding to this, the first quarter (13 million) results will tell us that by 3/4, Xiaomi can sell 64 million smartphones, so crossing the 80 million barrier in 2017 will not be a problem. If everything goes according to plan, Xiaomi can return to the game. True, "Chinese Apple" is unlikely to beat Oppo or Vivo this year, but it has a chance to jeopardize their position in the coming years. If at any point on the way the company again will not lose form. Source: GizmoChina