The Snapdragon 430 and Snapdragon 625 are two popular mobile processors, which we often encounter on mid-range smartphones that cost similar money. I decided to check and compare their capabilities. Are the differences between them significant enough to determine the choice of a new smartphone?

The average smartphone shelf has undergone a small revolution in the last two years, with a noticeable increase in diversity. Once upon a time the customer could count on the same thing: Snapdragon 400/410, 1 GB RAM (in gusts of 1.5 or 2 GB), 13 MP camera, in most cases plastic case, etc. Now it is completely different and similarly priced smartphones can Offer a completely different set of features. This whole situation has caused many direct rivals to offer another central unit. In the middle of the shelf two handsets are popular Qualcomma – Snapdragon 430 and Snapdragon 625 . I decided to compare them briefly to answer one question: are the differences between them significant enough to determine the choice of a new smartphone?

Overall efficiency

For testing I used two smartphones with each of these chips to check the repeatability of the results. If you wanted me to add some other model to the Snapdragon 430 or Snapdragon 625, let me know in the comments – in the test tab you will find all the models we have in the database. Let's start with general performance, which can be tested using the PCMark and AnTuTu benchmarks: [test slug = "pcmark-android" order = "desc" selected = "" virtual = " PcType = "single" product_id = "22226,22140,21968,22260"] [wptab style = "4" title = "AnTuTu"] [test slug = "android-antutu-6 Product_id = "22226,22140,21968,22260"] [/ wptab] [wptab_end] The PCMark test procedure is quite complex and Comprehensive, so it is difficult to count on results practically identical, but usually they are similar to the data of the central units. As for AnTuTu, they also often live their own lives, but on the level of interest we can also count on the similarity of results. Anyhow, the above bars show that Snapdragon 625 is stronger , especially in this second benchmark, where the difference is about 30%.

CPU Performance (CPU)

The best benchmark for benchmarking the processor is GeekBench, which has been firmly protected by various types of hackers (or anyone who prefers scams). The first result shows the power of one core and the other one all at once: GeekBench Single [geekbench-4] = geekbench-4 = geekbench- GeekBench Multi "] [test slug =" geekbench-4 "] [ Geekbench-4-Multi-Core "type =" single "product_id =" 22226,22140,21968,22260 "] [/ wptab] [wptab_end] Both Snapdragon 430 and The Snapdragon 625 is an eight-core processor, based on the Cortex-A53 architecture, which will soon be able to go on well deserved retirement. The chips differ in timing – 1.4 GHz vs. 2 GHz. This is seen primarily in the full power test, where the Snapdragon 625 is even 50% faster than the Snapdragon 430. In the single-core test, this difference is noticeably smaller and falls to about 25%.

Graphics Performance (GPU)

To better understand the performance of the graphics chip we have to join our comparison of new heroes: Xiaomi Redmi 4X and Galaxy J7 (2017, SM-J727). Their results from GFXBench were taken directly into GFXBench, because we have not yet had the opportunity to test smartphones with the Snapdragon 430 or Snapdragon 625 and HD screen. This is particularly important in this comparison, because graphics performance depends not only on the power of the GPU itself, but also on the display resolution. T-Rex Offscreen "[test slug =" gfxbench-fps "order =" desc "selected =" "type =" single "virtual =" t-rex-3-offscreen " Product_id = "22226,22140,22308,21968,22260,22310"] [/ wptab] [wptab style = "4" title = "T-Rex Onscreen"] [test slug = "gfxbench-fps" order = "desc" Selected = "" type = "single" virtual = "t-rex-3-onscreen" product_id = "22226,22140,22308,21968,22260,22310"] [/ wptab] [wptab style = "4" title = Manhattan Offscreen "] [test slug =" gfxbench-fps "order =" desc "selected =" "type =" single "virtual =" manhattan-3-offscreen "product_id =" 22226,22140,22308,21968,22260,22310 "[/ Wptab] [wptab style =" 4 "title =" Manhattan Onscreen "] [test slug =" gfxbench-fps "order =" desc "selected =" "type =" single "virtual =" manhattan-3- Onscreen "product_id =" 22226,22140,22308,21968,22260,22310 "] [/ wptab] [wptab_end] On the market, we most often find ourselves in the situation where the phone we looked at with the Snapdragon 430 (Adreno 505) or Snapdragon 625 ( Adreno 506) will also offer a Full HD screen. In this situation, the advantage of the stronger system in theory is also confirmed in practice, because about 35% more performance gives us better game playability and allows us to run them on higher details . The issue is leveled when the Adreno 505 gets a HD display, which makes it outrageous for the Adreno 506. The Snapdragon 625 + HD is extremely rare (there are only two such smartphones in the GFXBench database), so it does not make sense to dwell on this topic. .

Final conclusion

This is probably not going to surprise anyone: Snapdragon 625 is more powerful than Snapdragon 430 . This applies to each comparable performance item. But the differences are not big enough, and in practice they may not be noticeable, because pure efficiency is not everything. I have had many smartphones in my hands and I know very well that benchmarks will not always show you what your hardware is doing every day. In addition to the layout used, the speed of internal memory and the amount of memory, as well as software optimization, also counts. Nothing prevents the smartphone with the Snapdragon 430 to function satisfactorily and quickly, and thus did not stand out significantly from the competitor Snapdragon 625. Recently, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Motorola Moto G5 and I sincerely admit that the culture of work is not It was different from the Moto G5 Plus with a more powerful processor. The real advantage of the Snapdragon 625 is the lower power requirements, which results from the lower technology process, although here it is somewhat leveled down by higher clock rates. In my opinion, we should depart from evaluating smartphones that put the central unit in use above all other aspects of its equipment . Quite often I encounter the situation that commentators are deleting a model just because it has a weaker processor, forgetting many other factors that affect the final evaluation of smartphones. In the case of the Snapdragon 430 and Snapdragon 625, I think they are close enough to make the choice of the weaker model a bad choice if there are other advantages to it.