About two-thirds of mankind, more than 5 billion people worldwide, currently use mobile phones. What's more, the upward trend will continue – according to the latest GSMA report.

This week, the international trade association for the GSMA mobile network announced that mobile phones already use more than 5,006,489,000 units . It is worth noting that it is about unique users, not just about mobile connections. The number of active SIM cards is much higher and amounts to over 7.7 billion. Mats Granryd, CEO of GSMA, said: "This is a tremendous achievement for an industry that is only a few decades old." It is hard to disagree with it, because today we really can not imagine life without phones. By contrast, several years ago these devices were large, less functional, and had a smaller screen. Currently, smartphones dominate, where the ability to make calls is just one of many functions, not necessarily the most commonly used. According to the GSMA, over half (55%) of users are from Asia in the Pacific . Europe, Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa collect about 9% individually. The lowest on the list was North America – about 6%. Due to the large number of people in China, there are over 1 billion mobile phone users there. In India this figure is approximately 730 million. For Europe there are 465 million unique users. The GSMA reported that the growth of 4 to 5 billion users took only four years . The organization foresees a similar tendency, lasting at least until the end of the decade. Source: GSMA