June 23 we celebrate Father's Day – do you have a gift for Dad? If not, we hurry and help with some good suggestions.

Father's Day is a special time – we can thank Daddy for the hard work put into our upbringing and to give him a nice gift. Just what gift to choose? It is certainly good to reject things that we are not convinced – especially clothes and perfumes are not always a good gift. Our guide will help you through the process of choosing gifts and maybe suggest something that your mother would like to enjoy.

Ebook reader

fot. Amazon.com

Kindle Oasis / fot. Amazon.com

Reading has not forgotten – it has just changed form, so more and more people choose one medium instead of a backpack with many books. For those who like to read Kindle Oasis will be the best suggestion. The reader comes with a number of interesting extras, and the manufacturer maintains that on one charge you can read for months. Oasis is not a cheap gift, so have a better budget look at Amazon or find something cheaper – for example, one of the simpler Kindle or Pocketbook offers . >>> See our E-BIG reader tests


Samsung Galaxy S8 i Samsung Galaxy S8+ / fot. gsmManiaK.pl

Samsung Galaxy S8 i Samsung Galaxy S8+ / fot. gsmManiaK.pl

For the fathers who like modern gadgets, we have a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone – unusual equipment in terms of parameters and functionality. He makes great pictures, and the huge, frameless screen makes it easy to watch movies and TV shows. Looking at more budget options, equally male and worth recommending, and definitely cheaper phone is Honor 8. Looking for something reasonably priced, you should consider the Xiaomi smartphones – it's a great device for a small money. We especially recommend the model Mi 5 or Redmi 4 Pro – tests of both phones you will find on gsmManiaK.pl. >>> See our smartphone tests


fot. mobimaniak.pl

HP Omen 17-w172nw / fot. mobiManiaK.pl

Many fathers like to play on a computer. And although the times when they spent many hours in front of him in the first Civilizations are likely to pass, the sentiment remains. That's why our HP Omen 17-w172nw laptop can not miss our list, which, besides browsing the internet, is great for playing – just for that purpose it was created . If the person we want to give is not a glowing player, and the PCs are primarily based on the convenience of using and enjoying web surfing, the cheaper alternative would be the ASUS ZenBook UX410UA. The Kiano SlimNote 14.1 is a sleek and easy-to-use notebook for basic applications. >>> See our laptop tests

Shaver or razor

fot. agdmaniak

Braun Series 3 Shave & Style / fot. Braun

There should of course be no shortage of good shaving equipment when compiling gifts for Father's Day. Braun Series 3 Shave & Style is a sophisticated machine that we can shave smooth, stylize and trim. The 3in1 is, in our opinion, a very useful choice, especially since the set is equipped with 5 additional attachments, which will make Tata feel like a real golibroda! Braun Series 3 Clean & Close that suits any type of beard or Braun MGK 3080 – a whole body care set.

Board game, book or movie

fot. Rebel.pl

fot. Rebel.pl

Many Fathers have been raised on the Star Wars trilogy. This gift will not be for every parent, but if your galactic saga is sent to your dad, you may want to consider the Star Wars Rebel board game. This is a real gem that will allow for many hours of family fun together. For lovers of literature we have a proposal that conquers the hearts of readers around the world. "He was a dog" is a unique book filled with emotions – a great gift for people who like to read. Does not play and not book? Can this movie? Or even better – all their library. Creating a Netflix account can be a great gift. This is a relatively cheap option and will give you a whole range of popular series and movies on demand service. As an alternative we can also recommend Showmax platform , but the richest and most interesting base is just under the Netflix banner.


LG 60UJ6307

LG 60UJ6307 / fot. LG

This is an unusual proposition, because for people with a high budget. We especially liked the LG 60UJ6307 TV – a device that is able to meet the needs of every fan on the "small" screen, but will also enjoy sports maniaKu. We also have something for people with less budget. At rtvManiaK.pl you will find some interesting TVs, this month available at extremely attractive prices, not exceeding 1800 PLN. >>> See our TV tests


fot. Parrot

Parrot Rolling Spider / fot. Parrot

If your Dad is a gadget you have a simplified task. Try to buy a gift drones – we especially recommend the miniature model Parrot Rolling Spider. This is an interesting device that will provide a lot of fun and will be a good entry into the world of flying toys. You might also want to look at other affordable Overmax X-Bee Drone 3.1 or more advanced Parrot Bebop. Before buying, please read our guide on how to buy drones – it will make your job easier. >>> See our drones test

Coffee machine

fot. agdmaniak

DeLonghi Dinamica 350.75 / fot. agdmaniak

What would be a morning without fresh, delicious coffee? Many Dad does not imagine such a scenario. Therefore, for coffee lovers we have very cool, advanced DeLonghi Dinamica 350.75 and PrimaDonna Elite ECAM 650.75.MS, which will do everything for us. We just have to choose the type of drink, press the button and … ready. A less expensive alternative would be a decent capsule maker – just keep in mind that its operating cost can be relatively high. >>> See our coffee machine tests

A joint getaway

fot. Syda Productions, Fotolia.com

fot. Syda Productions, Fotolia.com

The gift must not always be a material thing – a great and unconventional idea may be to take the Father to the shooting range . Satisfaction will be all the more interested in the military – and who knows, perhaps it will develop a new passion. Prices per hour at the shooting range range from PLN 100 to PLN 300 depending on the city, but many of these places also allow half an hour sessions. June is a month of many interesting premieres – going to the cinema is always a good idea, and the adventure seen on the screen can color many days. The first proposition is Mumia , a classic adventure film, the Sunny Patrol comedy with Dwayne Johnson or something for fans of comics, Wonder Woman , which collects great reviews. More current offers can be found in our maniacal overview of the most interesting movie premieres. A bunch of guys like cars. That is why we can surprise Dad by taking him to the race track . Go kart companies allow you to purchase vouchers – prices for one ride or a few minutes start at 30 zł. If your parent's dream was to drive a super fast car, an interesting alternative would be to have a voucher for one of the luxury cars on the selected track. Travel prices start at 99 zł. As we approach the end of the guide, we can only write one thing – no matter what you buy as a gift it is worth remembering what Father's Day is all about. Absorbed in your affairs and struggled on June 23, be sure to reserve yourself some time and spend the day with your parents. Worth it.