According to a fresh report, Qualcomm in the near future will want to give up a lucrative contract with Samsung for an agreement with another brand. The case breaks down for the next generation of mobile processors.

As is commonly known, Samsung is currently creating a Snapdragon 835 unit for Qualcomma. The American company is already preparing a successor to its top deal, and may turn out to be working with Koreans in the coming months. The latest report reveals that Qualcomm would like to try in partnership with TSMC , which will be able to deliver mobile units built in a 7 nanometer process . TSMC is a manufacturer that helped Qualcomm to produce the Snapdragon 810 – a powerful processor, but it was a bit controversial due to overheating and stability problems. The move of the Americans is not surprising, however, because Samsung is behind the scenes to develop its own S-GPU graphics chip, which will be implemented in Exynos processors. Korean company wants to become independent of everyone and act on their own. Rumors say that at the end of next year, TSMC will start production with Qualcomm. It is said about the Snapdragon 855 , but it is not known how it will eventually be labeled. Dropping Samsung's services could be a blow to the Koreans – the company has also lost a deal with Apple and TSMC seems to grow into a serious player. I will just remind you that it was the sale of semiconductors that saved Samsung from failure after failed model Galaxy Note 7. How will the new Snapdragon? We will see. It seems, however, that we are waiting for reshuffle. Source: ETNews