Apple has finally taken note of the pervasiveness and appalling app rating windows popping up in most apps. The company has put restrictions on us to wait for the expected changes.

By downloading any smartphone application, I have often faced the situation in which I was asked to rate them in the AppStore. I do not understand such pop-ups. The problem appeared at the time when identical requests popped up notoriously, at some interval of time. Unfortunately, such a procedure started to be visible in many parts of the app and was completely unregulated by AppStore. After some time he became extremely annoying. Fortunately, Apple has noticed a problem, and it looks like the soon-to-be-torture of appalling app rating requests will be forgotten. All by the imposed restrictions, which have become mandatory. The first of these refers to developers using a standard applet evaluation window developed by Apple. The rating will be issued directly in the notification. The second restriction refers to the number of impressions. Within one year, a rating window will be able to jump out only three times . What's more, when a user evaluates an app – more should not appear. Additionally, in iOS 11 you will be able to completely disable the display of these types of windows in the system settings. So we can confidently summarize the above changes as good and expected . These restrictions should also come to the Google store, but when it happens – it is unknown. Source: 9to5mac