The new version of the system makes some changes to the interface of Apple devices. Similar to the system video player, which iOS 11 has given a new shape.

The new system always means change. Usually for the better, although sometimes in the early days hard to get used to. Apple releasing iOS 11 has shown that on the road to perfection, it is impossible to ignore the impact of updates on the use of phones. Changes also affected the system video player, which has undergone some redevelopment intended to increase user comfort. What then was improved?



Change for better

The interface is the first change that comes to mind when you turn on the player on iOS11. We can divide it into three elements. In the foreground, the most prominent is a playback bar with buttons that allow you to move forward or backward by 15 seconds. The buttons on the right side of the strap have buttons for Airplay and subtitles. The right upper corner of the screen has been developed by the volume button. At our disposal is a slider that does not cover the screen during video playback, and a single click of the speaker icon will mute the sound. The upper left corner is a button that allows you to exit full screen mode.

Small steps to the goal …

Remembering climbing Apple to the top of perfection can not be denied them the care of every detail of their software, as shown by the adulation of video plays such changes. Of course, it's hard to talk about any revolution here, but surely movie-watching fans on Apple's hardware will find it interesting, convenient and above all useful. Both iOS 11 and all the changes in it are included in the trailer for the forthcoming launch of the new iPhone 8. The latest device, which will debut in September, judging by the leaks we described, seems to be much more advanced than any previous iPhone. Personally, I can not wait, especially since Apple is going to cover the entire front panel with flexible OLED screen. Source: