Microsoft is working on moving full Windows 10 to smartphones. By accident, the company has released a new software compilation, which on the example of HP Elite X3 allows us to see what it will look like. Do older hardware have a chance to update?

A few days ago, Microsoft released a new compilation of smartphone software from Insider. It turned out that this was not a planned treatment and the phones did not work properly. From this rule an exception occurred and the new compilation was successfully launched on HP Elite X3, so we can see how full Windows 10 looks on the smartphone : YouTube Preview Image In order to adapt its operating system to smartphones, Microsoft will use the CShell shell , which in real time Scales the interface by matching it to any size screen. The whole thing is supposed to work so smoothly that there should be no delays or mistakes. So the last information in this topic has been confirmed. Visible on video software is in an early stage of development, so it does not work perfectly quickly and smoothly, but such issues should be improved in the future. [Gallery ids = "706250,706252,706254"] The most important changes recorded by the source site are:

  • Common interface with the desktop system,
  • Horizontal mode – the interface is displayed horizontally when the phone is rotated,
  • New action center – look and feel like a computer version, quick action icons moved to the bottom of the screen,
  • Continuum improvements – opening several windows at a time,
  • Several add-ons, such as removing the application from the tile level,
  • End of Silverlight support.

As I mentioned earlier, the software is in the early stages of development and at this point Microsoft has focused primarily on how it works. New features should appear in the future, unless the manufacturer decides to abandon the project – and he has done so many times. Screenshot_2017-06-06-05-50-50 So far it is unclear whether Microsoft is planning to deliver new firmware upgrades for older devices such as the Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL, Alcatel Idol 4 Pro and HP Elite X3. The ability to burn compilation on the latter does not have to prove anything, since something has to be tested for new solutions, and HP is currently the most powerful smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile. At this point, all indications are that full Windows 10 for smartphones will be reserved for new hardware, and the old will go to oblivion . Finally, not without reason, Satya Nadella stated that his company would create the smartphones of the future, leaving the past behind. Source: Windows Central