Contrary to what the vast majority of observers think, Microsoft has no intention of forgiving the mobile market. The strategy is the same as always – abandoning old solutions and starting all over again. The company is working on new devices and the next installment of the operating system. This could mean abandoning Lumia smartphones.

Microsoft's adventure in the mobile market is a long story, which we can divide into several different phases, each of which ended up abandoning previous ideas and restarting everything . At one time it was possible to suspect that Windows 10 Mobile would end up with more, and its career will last far longer than Windows Phone 8.x. Nothing more wrong. Windows 10 Mobile in no way helped its creator in the fight for smartphones market. Ba, brought even more harm than good, though much in this fault Microsoft, which has recently made a number of controversial decisions, such as the cut off the official update Creators Update smartphones Lumia with Nokia brand (still more popular than Microsoft's smartphones). All this caused the mobile Windows to stop counting on the smartphone market and many of the statistics went to the "other". Most observers assumed that the Americans would be forgiven by the mobile market, but the Redmond giant had other plans and was preparing for another "reset." Thurrott says that Microsoft is still working on the development of the mobile platform, but in a different direction than we know it now. The company is also testing new equipment . Works are still at an early stage, but they are constantly evolving, and in the meantime we should see the first effects of the new strategy. It has also been announced that Silverlight applications will no longer be supported from older versions of Windows. Three pennies cut in to Neowin, who threw in a little more light on the new release of Microsoft for smartphones. It is designed to be full Windows 10 with a flexible CSHELL shell that is designed to enable real-time scaling of the interface, allowing it to fit into any size screen. Currently Microsoft is testing this solution, among others. On the HP Elite x3. So far, we are not sure what plans Americans have for the constantly supported Lumia smartphones, but all indications are that Fall Creators Update will be the last big upgrade that their owners can count on. Later on, Microsoft will only provide the fixes needed, and the main focus will be on new hardware and software . This would not be the first such game in Microsoft's history, because similarly treated a few years ago Lumia smartphones with Windows Phone 7.5. How will this work in practice will be learned in less than a few months, unless Microsoft once again abandoned its plans, and it has happened to the mobile department more than once. Do you give this company one more chance? Source: Thurrott , Neowin