If you like mobile racing games, I have good news for you. Gameloft has officially announced that the next Asphalt title is coming to Android devices. After signing up for pre-registration you may also receive additional bonuses!

Asphalt is a series that you do not need to present to any player using an Android smartphone. The series has evolved over the years, and the Gameloft studio has tried practically everything for its racing games. This time, the developers have announced that soon on Android you will be able to play the next Asphalta: Street Storm Racing version . YouTube Preview Image As with previous versions, the game will include both single player mode and classic PvP, where we will race online with other people. Users will be able to choose different vehicles: from oldschool muscle cars from the 70s to the latest sports cars . As with the Asphalt series, each model can be improved to make it go better or just faster. At this moment it is not known when the game will be officially released, but Gameloft encourages pre-registration. By making a record, you will immediately find out about the premiere, and you will also receive specific bonuses . Once you have reached the right amount of points in the game, Gameloft will unlock special bonuses on your account that will speed up virtual cars and make the game even more enjoyable. You can subscribe to here . I myself am curious how the new Asphalt title will fall – but I suspect that as usual, the profession will not.