The mobile device market is becoming "more delicate". Less-clutter-proof displays and easy-to-bend casing. What would happen if each of the manufacturers took an example from Samsung and showed off their latest equipment also in a "resistant" version?

This text came to my mind as soon as the alleged image of the newest flagship of Samsung Active appeared on the net. The Koreans, in spite of the diffuse display, apparently still want to reach consumers who are not interested in the delicacy of the most powerful devices. Yes, on the market we find a lot of constructions that can withstand storms and occasionally treat smartphones like frisbee, but they are devices in which aesthetics is not the most important issue, so 90% of them look just … horrible. And what if other manufacturers showed more "resistant" versions of their flags?


LG G6 30_edited Can you imagine how the LG G6 in the "Active" version would look like? Overall, this smartphone would be a bit easy to change the design: it has a large but still flat screen that could be covered with a reinforced casing at all corners. The device itself is so thin that a few centimeters at the back would not make a difference. The resilient LG G6 in matte black might look (at least in my opinion) really good.


Fot. HTC

Fot. HTC

The HTC U11 has appeared relatively recently, but it is a striking sight on my back cover – as glossy as the Pixel smartphones. The smartphone itself has, however, really nice round corners, which the manufacturer could equip with more impact-resistant material. The same goes for the back cover. In front, I would personally like to see a physical rubber button to cover the bottom of the screen.


Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

When I wrote that Xperia XZ Premium looks awful (and I support it), many of you have stated that it is not that bad. On the other hand, the rugged version of this device could really make use of huge frames above and below the display. It would probably be the easiest to remodel a smartphone that exists.


It's very possible that the Koreans will actually be tempted by the Acitve version of the Galaxy S8, but what I would love to see is the enhanced phablet Note 8, which is also expected to be available this year. It is known for this diagonal screen to be harder to do, especially since the sides of the display will probably be curved. All the time, however, I'm concerned about the design of Note 4 in a slightly refreshed, enhanced edition. What do you think?

We probably will not wait

I suspect that with reinforced flagships, except for a few exceptions I can only dream . It would be interesting, however, to observe a new trend in the mobile market, where manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Samsung, LG and Huawei would be the ones to create the most resilient smartphone – while preserving the original look. Well, I do not have anything else but to believe that we will still be there.