The European Commission has initially judged that the recently introduced T-Mobile, Play and Plus roaming tariffs are not in line with the new rules because they do not comply with the "roaming as in the country" rule, which may even result in financial penalties. Polish operators make the biggest problems in this regard across the EU.

A few days ago, Polish operators introduced new roaming tariffs, of which only Orange's offer was fully in line with the "roaming as in the country" principle, adopted by the European Commission. This was going to look at the new T-Mobile, Play and Plus price lists. Today we got to know the Commission's initial assessment. EC spokesman for the digital single market has advised that at first glance, the price lists of these three operators do not meet the requirements of roaming as in the country . The thorough examination of the case was commissioned by the Electronic Communications Authority, whose president called on the rug of representatives of T-Mobile, Play and Plus, announcing a lack of acceptance for their practice and demanding changes to the agreed price lists to comply with EU rules. If operators do not make the necessary corrections, they may even face financial penalties. Http:// The European Commission reserves the right not to transfer the offer without limit for roaming (any quantitative limit is not Is compliant with the new rules), the annual limit after exceeding the Internet package (should be monthly) and the outgoing rate per minute in the Plus network, which is higher than the allowable. Operators do not want to address the allegations, but ensure that they adhere to the new rules. Anyway, all indications are that they will be forced to change price lists . Perhaps the most irritating thing in this case is that the European Commission carefully checks the price lists of all operators who have to adapt to the new law, and only for Polish operators so much attention. Source: , Gazeta Prawna