Apple's latest financial results, and which is the result of panic on the stock market for a long time probably will be taken in memory of a significant part of investors. While U.S. corporation earned in one quarter billion dollars a dozen, it did not save it from its spectacular price reductions securities. The corporation has ceased to be the most expensive company in the world. Return to the top?

Apple recently struggling with serious declines in share price / Fig. Paul Fleet, Fotolia

After the publication of the quarterly report, Apple shares got cheaper and seriously capitalization stood at the end of 413 billion dollars. For comparison, a few months ago capitalization amounted to 660 billion dollars. Some analysts have even predicted that in 2014, Apple's market capitalization could reach $ 1 trillion. At present, the situation does not look so colorful. Apple ceased to be a leader on the list of most expensive companies in the world, and gave way to corporations Exxon Mobil, which opened this ranking until spring 2012. Exxon is now a few billion more expensive than the giant from Cupertino, but if investors continue to sell their shares manufacturer of electronic equipment, the difference may be even more pronounced (especially since there is no indication that the fuel had become cheaper and earns mainly on Exxon). Quotations of the last few days (at least in the U.S. market) have shown that the performance of this one, and the price of shares, the shareholder sentiment, that's a different matter. The question is whether the ratio of investors to Apple again changes and will invest your money in this company, and you will find the brand new multipliers their capital? Source: onliner