Deutsche Telekom has published T-Mobile Polska results for the first quarter of 2017. A slight increase in the number of subscribers has not helped much as the revenue has declined and the number of prepaid cards has decreased by nearly 500,000. pieces.

In 2016, T-Mobile recorded a significant drop in customers, especially in the area of ​​prepaid services, which fell to fourth place in Poland. The company's situation is so difficult that Deutsche Telekom is considering selling it (for now unofficially) unless the results improve. The first quarter of this year only worsened the situation of T-Mobile Poland . According to the latest quarterly results, T-Mobile posted revenues of € 364 million ($ 153.2 million), a decrease of 3.7% year on year. EBITDA (ie operating income minus operating expenses without depreciation and depreciation) decreased by as much as 16.7%, closing at EUR 100 million. Telekom lost 489 thousand. Prepaid cards (-33.4%) compared to the previous quarter, so the increase of 84,000 subscribers is not impressive, although it is worth emphasizing that it is almost twice as good as in 2016. I will add that in my opinion the drop in the number of prepaid cards is not due solely to the anti-terrorist act, although it is undoubtedly not making it easier for the pink task. The total number of active SIM cards of this operator is a little over 10 million, when two years it was as much as 15.8 million. During this period, T-Mobile lost a lot of prepaid cards and the number of subscription customers was small, especially compared to local competitors. The pink operator came out of the Big Three. T-Mobile's source of problems is certainly not the infrastructure. First in the ranking of mobile internet speed. The offer is also getting better, and advertising campaigns are conducted with a reasonable momentum. What is wrong then? This question is the best answer for customers, so I ask you to vote. Source: DT, own elaboration