The creators of Facebook for a long time gave signs that they are interested in extensive video footage. It turns out that the whole thing could get much further than we expected, and Mark Zuckerberg wants to make us even more from your website.

In the network appeared interesting information about the fact that Facebook is currently working on the creation of dedicated video that would resemble television. Of course, it will not be long programs or documentaries, and short video length from 50 to 10 minutes – at least in the beginning. From mid-June this year, the site appear to have 24 completely new media, are working well as celebrities and stars known so far even with YouTube. It is still unclear about who exactly it, but the source of this information says that Facebook has signed with these people appropriate agreements to provide content. Using the service, both on your computer and on your mobile device (Android, iOS), users will be able at any time to use the redesigned video card, which will contain a free software. The whole has to be free, because Facebook wants to make money solely on ads and not on the subscription paid by members. I personally think that this new idea can definitely burn. Facebook users having such a database is able to fight with competitors. The only question is … what exactly are these programs and premium content that will appear over time? The answer to this question is crucial at this point. Source: Business Insider