IOS 11 will likely be shown as early as June 5 at the WWDC 2017 conference. What will be the next version of Apple's mobile system?

On the next version of the mobile system Apple does not leak as much information as the future smartphones of this manufacturer. For a long time we only knew that iOS 11 would bring changes to FaceTime. Introduced the possibility of group talks with a limit of up to five people. The system will also ensure that the government connects by default via FaceTime Audio if we make a call to another iPhone user. We know that Apple is likely to showcase the latest news for a month, June 5, at the WWDC 2017 conference. In addition to the changes mentioned above, we are also looking forward to the new Apple Pay feature called Apple Cash. This will allow users to quickly send themselves money, also from iMessage. The Wallet app is supposedly completely redesigned to Pay and includes a list of current payments or cash transfers. Another interesting change that may be of interest to the average user will be the smart battery saver mode. Apparently the system will teach you habits to customize your battery management while using your smartphone. We can also be sure of further enhancing the capabilities of Siri , Apple's voice assistant. The company has the potential to expand on all of its devices – but especially on the upcoming Apple smartphone, the iPhone 8. Still, we do not have much hope that it will finally speak in our native language. Source: Redmondpie , Sonny Dickson