John McAfee has recently introduced a prototype smartphone unbreakable. Where did the idea that this is the safest world phone? Apparently due to the physical switches.

John McAfee is known not only controversial, but it is still signs his name popular antivirus software. Now, however, he decided to work in the mobile industry and created a unique smartphone. Named as McAfee Privacy Phone is allegedly not to break, or at least so says its creator. For McAfee Privacy Phone will have to take out a lot of cash from the wallet. The smartphone is expected to cost 1,100 US dollars and be powered by Android. The device has been designed in cooperation with a company dedicated to cyber security MGT. The uniqueness of the equipment signed between McAfee'iego name will be based on the physical switches. They allow the user to manually turn off the module Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, geolocation, cameras, microphones, and even the same battery.

The John McAfee Privacy Phone to MGT – first prototype. The world's first truly private smartphone. You're gonna love it.

– John McAfee (@officialmcafee) April 25, 2017

For many users, it is another invention, which will not be able to afford because of the price and probably will not even want to. Most security problems smartphones lies not with the hardware, but software. McAfee Privacy Phone is not likely to stand out in this respect – especially since it has to be controlled by Android, so you will be prone to exploiting vulnerabilities just like other devices. It is not known whether the question of whether normal system or okrojonym specially prepared to deal with various threats and guarantee the safety of "unbreakable". I think that John McAfee has room to maneuver, but like other manufacturers taking for the creation of "the safest smartphones" will have to return to the starting point. Sirin Labs recently, creating a similar solution for Android with 16,000 US dollars confirmed that idea … turned out to be a dud. With the new equipment can be similarly McAfee'iego. Source: John McAfee