In the documentation sent to the SEC Microsoft revealed that it no longer intends to invest in the mobile Windows. This means the actual end of the platform, which is unofficially said for quite some time.

Yesterday, Michael informed about the disastrous financial results of Microsoft's mobile division, which generated little in the last quarter revenue. The documentation sent to the SEC (The US Securities and Exchange Commission) revealed how the company is going to deal with this problem. Windows Mobile has disappeared from the list of investments in the next quarters. Microsoft is no longer going to spend money on further development of this platform, which means its actual end. After all, who does not develop, the dying, and without investment development is possible. In this situation it is doubtful that the September update Redstone 3 for smartphones has come to fruition. Unofficially it is said that these smartphones that have entered Creator Update, caught up for a few more updates to improve the errors and it will be the end of 10 the development of Windows Mobile. The final collapse of Microsoft's mobile platform is not a surprise for me and it should not be for anyone who keeps a long time shares Windows Phone / Windows Mobile 10 on the smartphone market. Many users passes or Android, or iOS, whose joint participation is inevitably coming to the level of 100%. What are the next steps Microsoft? The answer is simple – Windows 10 for ARM. The question is whether in the end we will see Surface Phone users? Source: MSPoweruser own study