Plus blocks smartphones for users who do not pay installments for the equipment, which can be a hindrance for those who redeemed it. To help them, give the operator the ability to check whether a device is repaid.

Plus he found the idea for users who are reluctant to repay another installment for smartphone – simply blocks the IMEI number of the equipment, thereby preventing ringing, send messages or use of the network. It may, however, be a problem for those who redeem smartphones on auction sites and thus may have problems with your phone no fault of their own. Plus he decided to give them a tool to check the specified device. On specially prepared website You can check if your phone is repaid. You only need to enter the IMEI number. Verification device can be sold in installments from 07.08.2016 year. It is worth remembering that the data update takes place every week, so is not immediately possible to be 100% sure that everything is in order. After all, this is a good step and a great facility, because in Poland many users enter into possession of devices called. on the other hand. Source: press release