Facebook finally decided to move on, I was waiting for a large crowd of users. Mark Zuckerberg decided to extend the reach for Communicator Lite Messenger, which is a great alternative to the official app. For older devices, it's downright performance deliverance.

Facebook Lite and Lite Messenger are applications that have been designed strictly for devices with weaker parameters and regions of the world that do not use (yet) high-speed Internet connection. To date, Messenger Lite range was very limited, but now you can use it in our country using the official application, which was in the Play Store. The application interface is based on three simple cards, which can be switched by moving or touching. We have a place here only on what is most needed, or chat histories, popular contacts or information on our account. There are no stickers, senseless functions "My Day," and other unnecessary additives. Messenger Lite allows you to add multimedia in conversation, but lacked support for voice recording. Unfortunately, the downside of using the Messenger Lite can be no balloons, but I know the users, which is not completely mind. The program compared to the standard version takes about … 17 times less space on your smartphone: exactly 15 megabytes. Messenger Lite free download for Android from this place .