The premiere of the new iPhone will be held in September this year. From everywhere coming to us new rumors and leaks about its features. Most important, however, that one decision by Apple, users will not have to have fear about problems with listening to music.

Initially, the network appeared voices about the fact that the headphone can return to a new iPhone – these rumors were quickly denied, because the new smartphone Cupertino company will have a unique and modern design, in which there will be space for the said item. There is nothing to worry about, however, listening to music from a smartphone. Both the iPhone model 7s 8 and the iPhone, Apple may decide over a similar step, which has already carried out earlier. After purchasing a new smartphone with an apple logo, users will find in the box branded adapter from Apple, which will connect to the unit normal headphones – all this, of course, the cost of inputs Lightning. These are not confirmed information, but already in the iPhone 7 and the box could see this type of accessory. Removing the headphone connector may become extremely popular trend, which will only lead to the creation of a huge amount of "unnecessary" adapters and accessories. Good to know that the new iPhone will be included in the solution to the problem, which undoubtedly is the removal of jacks. But remember that this is not the end of the rumors confirmed.