Microsoft cut off access to the Upgrade Advisor (Advisor updates) smartphones with Windows Phone 8.1, thus limiting the possibility of upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile. There are voices that Microsoft wants to give up its mobile operating system.

A little over a year ago, Microsoft released an update to Windows Mobile for 10 authorized Lumia smartphones. Since then, a new version of the operating system hit the 17% of all mobile devices running Microsoft's board. Not very good reception Windows 10 is the result of, among others, the lack of notification to update the OTA channel, because the need to detect the Upgrade Advisor application (upgrade advisor) or voluntarily sign up for the Windows Insider. The Americans decided to abandon this first method. Upgrade Advisor application is no longer available in the shop windows. This means that in this way you can not update the smartphone with Windows Phone 8.1 Windows 10 Mobile. Now the only option is to sign up for the program Insider, but as long as this option is still available? This is another recent controversial step of Microsoft, which ended support for multiple smartphones Lumia. According to unofficial information, Microsoft is about to abandon its mobile operating system, which has to give way for ARM Windows 10, which may explain the recent movements of Americans. But it is not certain information, so be sure to approach it from the right perspective. Source: MSPU , Reddit