The network can find a lot of various applications. It is not difficult to guess that among them can also be found only programs for adults. What applications for adults are now the most popular Android?

1) Pornhub

The most popular service for adults offers a special application for Android. Although the application is free, however, you can safely browse the reported site. Free programs are usually inundated with ads. Pornhub approaches this somewhat more reliably. The application also allows secure access special code. It is therefore safe, private and free. What more could you want? -> Pornhub Download the application from the official website

2) Tumblr

Why Tumblr? Because the rules of the place does not prohibit adding content 18+ professional acts in addition, we find there a lot of sublime and amateur erotica, as well as stronger accents pornographic. Simply put – this abyss, which can drag on for hours, because the service is not limited to photos and videos 18+. Tumblr is a free and addictive. -> Download Tumblr Google Play

3) Mikandi

Mikandi provides access to services in the form of application, where you can take advantage of the many free or paid programs erotic. Inside you will find all sorts of games, soft and erotic content from stronger or "strange" accents. -> Mikandy Download the application from the official website

4) Cumdroid

Cumdroid are prepared for estetach who prefer to browse through strictly NSFW application made in Material Design. Cumdroid uses base YouPorn, xHamster, xvideos and other pornography sites. The application comes in a free version with ads and paid with more and more frequent refreshes base ($ 4.99). -> Cumdroid Download the application from the official website

5) Planet Pron

Planet Pron also been prepared on the basis of material design. Differentiator is more than 200,000 images and videos, which arrives every day. The application allows you to download and view them offline. You can also add them to favorites and even receive personalized search content based on your likes. The free version offers streaming SD and payable ($ 5.00), the images in Full HD. -> Download Planet Pron application from the official website

6) Weed Maps

In Amsterdam or some states, marijuana is legal. Therefore, it is not difficult to guess that there are also suitable applications, which you can check the nearest place selling this drug. Weed Maps application is free of allegedly suspicious sellers. Of course, presentation of the program is purely informational and do not encourage the consumption of illegal substances and drugs. We advise you to follow the Polish law. -> Weed Maps Download from Google Play

7) Mixology

The application is ideal for anyone who wants to shine creating a wonderful drink. Mixology provides access to thousands of proven recipes for cocktails, drinks and all sorts of other drinks. There are different filters the search button or responsible for randomowe search at random. -> Mixology Download from Google Play

8) VR Daydream

This is another application strictly for adults with NSFW cycle. Virtual reality is becoming more and more popular, which is why porn sites trying to keep up with the changing times. One of these sites is BadoinkVR . To use the application you must have the appropriate equipment, for example. Google Cardboard. -> VR Daydream Download from Google Play

9) Truth or Dare / Truth or dare

Truth or dare is an old game that never get bored. In the English version of the application are available in a variety of tasks and three game modes – children, teenagers and adults. In our case, we are interested in the last category. With Truth or Dare game becomes a bit more spicy. In the Google Play Store, we find the Polish version, which contains mode "Extremely." It is worth checking both programs and find out which is more interesting for us. -> Truth or Dare Download from Google Play -> Download True or challenge from Google Play