One of the largest Polish e-commerce platforms, Allegro introduces a completely new payment method. The creators announced that users will be able to use Android Pay to pay for their purchases and orders.

Android Pay is a service that already some time ago appeared in Poland and quite quickly gained a bunch of active users. Today, a growing number of stores operated stationary, in which we can pay using Google solutions, but also time for websites. Android Pay connects to the Allegro, but for now only in mobile application – is not known when and if at all, this possibility will go to the browser version of the service. Allegro also made available products to persons issuing simple instructions about how they can allow users to pay using Android Pay on their auctions. Unfortunately, each of the stores will have to have a mobile application, which for many can be a hindrance. Android Pay is currently supported by Alior Bank, T-Mobile Banking Services, BZ WBK and Bank Nest. More companies should join soon. At the moment probably more people who buy online will choose Blik as a payment method, but with the increasing popularity of the Android Pay, the operator may have difficulty escaping users. It should, however, know that Allegro suggests another alternative to the comfort of our purchases.