In the network appeared Hana Financial Investment report, which takes a closer look at Samsung's finances in the first quarter of this year. It turns out that the flagship Koreans do not sell quite as well.

For the first time since a long time we can say that sale flagowców Samsung falls – I mean, of course, the first quarter of this year. Earnings of the best equipment Koreans amounted to only 29% of the total, which is a significant reduction, for the first time, Samsung has dropped below the ceiling of 30% of revenues for the said sale. In fact, all of these numbers are shrinking all the way from 2013, when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4 model of the world – then too, the number of sold flagowców for other smartphones reached 75%. Since then the market is somewhat saturated, and the digit no longer look so good. At this point, a lot depends on the sales of the next flagship model, which will see tomorrow. Course we are talking about the Galaxy S8. In addition, according to the report startegy Analytics smartphones with lower-priced offer to Samsung slightly less money than before – more specifically, a manufacturer recorded a decline in revenues for the sold art by almost 19%. Course we are talking about the average price to be paid for the fiscal version of the smartphone Samsung logo. The biggest rival Samsung, or Apple, but doing great. The company logo with an apple in recorded almost a 10% increase and promises to be worse had. All hope in the new flagowcu.