After several beta test versions, Apple finally decided to make public the final version of iOS watchOS 10.3 and 3.2. What is new bring the two systems?

From the published information, the stable release of iOS 10.3 is the same version that was the last beta. The list of changes is quite large, but the most important improvements will be invisible to the eye. It is also worth mentioning that the iOS 10.3 abandons worn HFS + file system for a new APFS. The conversion takes place during system updates, and the result may be feeling a little more efficient operation of the system – especially on older iPhones. The change will entail the consumption of the system much less disk space, which should please the owners of 16 GB devices. However, due to such a significant change, before proceeding with the upgrade I would recommend you perform a full system backup. Initial reports also indicate that the conversion can take from several minutes to an hour. Among the new iOS 10.3 locate or find the option to ping the left headphone AirPods using the Find My iPhone app. The new version also improved Siri capabilities in applications that support payment, sport scores or reservations. Improvements also included CarPlay, the Maps application, home or Podcasts. Full list of fixes is in the pictures below. [Gallery type = "slideshow" size = "medium" ids = "677616,677618,677620"] In the case of Apple Watcha issued watchOS 3.2. The most important change is the Theater Mode, which allows "mute screen" SmartWatch, at the same time without the need to completely turn off. In this mode, the user continues to receive notifications through taptyki. The backlight of the display is done using tap the screen or pressing the digital lace. Also new is the Sirikit, the next set of commands for Siri from your watch. From now on we will ask the virtual assistant to make a call, send a message or zabookowania Uber. Previously such actions were only available from a smartphone. 10.3 iOS is available for all owners of iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4 and newer and iPod Touch last generation. Source: Apple own study