From year to year, before the release of the best and most efficient equipment … we know about them more and more. Number of photos, rumors, leaks and other information makes the flagship begin to become dull, and enthusiasm falls as fast as established …

At the beginning I would like to note that this post is not intended to be a collection of "complaints" and simply loose observation that I was able to register over the last few years – from the moment in which I write to you and is interested in a more mobile technologies. It all makes, that I'm more up to date and can better analyze the behavior of some of the manufacturers and their departments related to marketing. Year after year, it seems that about flagowcach know more and more – virtually everything, before they will appear on stage at the same time confirming the appearance of what we already knew a few weeks earlier. I think it really kills the excitement.

Too big break in the announcements

This is one of many problems that appeared in recent years. Producers promise the device without any problem, but the time that elapses between napomknięciem about them, and the real presentation … is just too long. We already know that Samsung will create a model Galaxy Note 8 and now record more gossip. The new Nokia smartphones will also appear in the second half of this year – again too large interval. Another example? Here you go: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, which is the flagship system in which everyone waited while fair MWC in Barcelona . The processor was supposed to be on a stand, and eventually it turned out that was not it at all. All this by delays and other, smaller or bigger problems American company. Announcement of the devices is easy for the producers, but harder for them to constantly nourish our enthusiasm and maintain the right amount of interest. Personally, I think the difference as early as 3 months between the announcement and the release makes more people go next flagship simply indifferent. They will simply bored with the amount of information that already know about him. It all comes down to … LG G6 04

Too many rumors and leaks

You can see that almost every day we write to you about the Samsung Galaxy S8. Sam also doing it because it's definitely about time. However, if we look at the amount of data that we already know the number of pictures that we already have, it turns out that (at least I) … no I'm looking forward to this smartphone, as was the case in January this year. I already know how what to expect – nay, even know the handset, which will be in the box. The case will similarly look around the summer with a new iPhone. Already leaks multiply like mushrooms after the rain, and there will be more and more. Maybe in the case of the Cupertino company they are not as accurate as it does on the Samsung, but far away it is much too much. Tim Cook than half a year before the release says that the new iPhone will surprise and it will be a surprise – it seems to me that the flagship of the apple logo is much better come forth on that, if these words fell a few weeks before its premiere.

fot. Digital Trends

fot. Digital Trends

Is it worth anything change?

For leaks, photos and a large number of information are not only persons responsible marketing of selected companies. Of course, these places also come to us so-called "controlled leaks", which aim to shoot the atmosphere before the premiere. The second issue, the editors of Technology, leaksterzy and those working within companies that send anonymous materials to the network. Is it worth it, but above all whether it is something on this change? It's hard to say, although it seems to me that the trend of leaks will only proceed. The only question is … whether or not you bored already flagship, before they are presented?