GPD WIN GamePad this extraordinary equipment for mobile game lovers. It works under Windows 10, and therefore its capabilities are not limited to games.

I came across today Gearbest very unusual gadget – GPD WIN GamePad . It is minitablet (more phablet due to the diagonal of the screen) and game console all in one. And perhaps there would be nothing unusual, if not for the fact that the equipment is running Windows 10. So far, if such appliances have already made their debut, is working under the control of Google Android. GPD WIN GamePad_2 Let us, however, the GPD WIN GamePad, where the manufacturer has chosen to use an Intel Atom x7-Z8700 – 4-core (4-threading) processor with a base clock speed 1.6 GHz, that with increased power can reach up to 2.4 GHz. Responsible for the graphics while the Intel HD Graphics clocked at 200 MHz to 600 MHz. RAM is 4GB, and user data arrangement 64GB eMMC built-in memory. GPD WIN GamePad_3 What, however, distinguishes GPD WIN GamePad to other devices, it is primarily a 4-way D-pad, two analogue and four buttons – the traditional game controller. Added to this is 5-row keyboard and dedicated function keys. Are all located in the lower part of the device, where it lacked triggers, bumperów, as well as the communication interface: USB Type-C, full-size USB, HDMI. GPD WIN GamePad_4 should also pay attention to the IPS display, whose diagonal is suddenly 5.5 ", a resolution is standard HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels). This configuration results in higher performance components used. GPD WIN GamePad is available, inter alia, in the European department store GearBest. You should know that in March of equipment you can buy cheaper, thanks to special rebate codes. Promotional price of the device now stands at 240.50 pounds (~ 1190 zł). Just when placing an order, in a dedicated field (Promotion Code) you type GB3RDGPD. I think that in GearBest is also a promotion for the true lovers of the brand Xiaomi. You can buy at a promotional price multifunctional router Xiaomi Mi R 1D with a built-in compartment on the hard drive. Currently, the unit price is 63.82 pounds.