Recent statistics Kantar leave no illusions – the world wants only Android and iOS. The two largest mobile operating systems compete only among themselves, by the way weakening and so faint influence of Windows and BlackBerry OS.

Trade MWC 2017 had symbolic importance for the whole world smartfonowego. In Barcelona, ​​BlackBerry showed off its latest Android smartphone, ultimately demonstrating the transition towards a system of Google. That's exactly what Nokia has done, which was once the bedrock of mobile Windows, what really lost a lot, so it does not repeat its mistake of the past and put it on the green robot. Kantar Recent statistics show that could not be otherwise, because the only reasonable alternative is iOS, inaccessible to anyone outside of Apple. Statistics relate to the three-month period that ended in January this year. They show percentages in the global sales of various mobile operating systems. In every possible combination they count only Android and iOS, which generally are increasingly popular, taking together the remaining residual influence of other systems, such as Windows Mobile or BlackBerry OS. For us the most important is the statement concerning the five largest European markets (Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain), where Android can boast a market share of 74.3%, while 22.7% took home for himself iOS. Other systems uzbierały only 3% of the shares and are no longer any alternative to the dominant leaders. I do not necessarily like it, but these are the facts. Kantar also draws attention to the fact that 6% of all sales in this period of smartphones in Europe was wearing the Nokia logo, which shows a noticeable interest of customers that brand. Global HMD so it can rub his hands, because the success of sales of new smartphones Nokia seems to be more than sure. Source: Kantar Worldpanel