Google is working on three smartphones for 2017 years. Two of them will belong to the family of Pixel and carry code names muskie and walleye (pike). The third one is being developed as Taimen (taimen) and probably will be a big phablet.

Fish seem to be important for Google animals, since consecutive year the company has set for the selected species in the selection of code names for smartphones developed. In 2,017 years we know the three smartphones from Google, of which two of them will belong to the family Pixel. The website Android Police reported that smartphones Google Pixel 2017 carry the code names muskie and walleye (pike). So far we know of them only that they will be presented this year. Of course, in advance, we can assume that it will be two flagship of the blood and bones of a great specification, available in two different sizes and space prices. He has them for missing connector headphone jack 3.5 mm. This information confirms Droid-Life, and makes something of himself. Google will present this year's smartphone is not being part of the family Pixel, so it will probably smartphone with mid-range, kind of like the Nexus 5X. His code name is Taimen (taimen), which suggests a lot. This fish is in fact the world's largest representative of salmonids, so smartphone bearing her name will probably be greater than the phablet Google Pixel XL. This will be the spiritual successor to the Nexus 6 (hopefully less embarrassing for Google). Source: Android Police , Droid-Life