Chinese manufacturer may be another who will want to grab a piece of the pie for themselves with a new branch of the mobile market – while it is still possible. Xiaomi has since invested in the development of AI.

More and more companies and major manufacturers becomes interested in artificial intelligence and its development and implementation in smartphones. In fact, it is not surprising, because it is full technology of the future, which is wanting to or not, we will see more and more of our devices. Lei Jun decided to set aside a little veil of secrecy and said that Xiaomi would like to invest on their own in the development of artificial intelligence and the release of its full potential. Xiaomi wants to deal with artificial intelligence in order to accelerate not only the development, but to create new products that will be fully based on more complex algorithms. The company wants to hire 50% more staff than ever before to a special department, which will deal exclusively artificial intelligence. It is not known whether it will be finally built in MIUI, or Xiaomi has completely different plans. However, you can suspect that all the time here in terms of cap manufacturer. We know that the Chinese are working on MIUI 9 – personally it seems to me, however, that it is too early to make this version got its intelligent assistant, or this type of functionality. Chinese giant will probably want to put artificial intelligence not only in smartphones and tablets, but also all the other outfits produced from light bulbs until the TV ending. Lei Jun said that all this has to happen within 3 to 5 years from today.