Running a profitable business in the mobile plot is really difficult issue, looking at the problems Sony and Xiaomi, which, despite the scale still does not make money on their products. About how captures the money on equipment, all rivals can teach none other than Apple.

According to research firm Strategy Analytics, manufacturers of smartphones globally developed in 2016 an operating profit of $ 54 billion. Profit pretty decent, but as it turns out, the real reasons for satisfaction is virtually only one company. And this company is Apple. This is what the Cupertino giant is responsible for the development of less than 80% of this amount, or more precisely, 79.2% of operating profit. What can I say – these results indicate that even though Apple does not have a dominant position on the market in terms of share in sales, so he can create from your business well earning razor. Let's be honest – something has to be, that one company having less than 20% of the global market, generates 4/5 of profit throughout the industry. Phenomenon? Certainly. Clever pricing strategy? Of course. The second in order of manufacturer, which generated the greatest profit is Samsung – but it is more than five times smaller than in the case of Apple, reaching a ceiling of 8.3 billion, which at 44.9 billion Apple looks really miserable. Interestingly, more items takes three Chinese manufacturers – Huawei, Oppo and Vivo, which are respectively 1.6, 1.5 and 1.4% of operating profit. And where is the other big players? Where LG with its flagowcami line G? Where Lenovo? About Sony did not mention, because although the smartphones Xperia line are really cool, is a Japanese company still recorded an operating loss of mobile plot. Thus, although not naśmiewalibyście with "amazingu" Apple products and peculiar approach to the market, then you need to say directly – people at Apple have brains and know how to make money. I probably will not change this over the next years. Source: gsmarena