94-year-old inventor of lithium-ion cells has a new idea for improved batteries. So what does he propose?

Professor John B. Goodenough is now a 94-year-old man, widely recognized as the creator of lithium-ion cells. Although age does not stop, however, interest in the development of technology. Working at the University of Texas at Austin and his team of scientists led by his and Maria Helena Braga found a better alternative to the known solutions. The team developed for the new link, which not only can be cheaper to produce and more environmentally friendly, but are much safer and more efficient than traditional lithium-ion batteries. The whole idea is based on the use of solid glass electrolytes which, in contrast to liquid – are resistant to instability leading to self-ignition and explosion. The new cells are also able to seamlessly work in more extreme temperatures (eg. -20 Degrees Celsius). In this solution, lithium was replaced by a well-known, more environmentally friendly and cheaper … sodium. The idea is also interesting as the last resort, new cells offer greater capacity and longer life (up to 1200 cycles). Unfortunately this is another story, which sounds very impressive, but it is still closed in the laboratory and do not know when it really (if at all) developed technology will go for public use. Recently I mentioned that the resulting battery, which can be arbitrarily cut, and she will continue being loaded device. As a consolation, the fact remains that Goodenough currently seeking battery manufacturer, to help him make this solution on a massive scale. Source: UT News