Mozilla associate unless everyone – is a popular browser for computers and mobile devices. The developers decided to go shopping and spend the money on one of the best applications in recent years. It is, of course, content aggregator Pocket.

Mozilla for the first time in history reached a portfolio to showcase our latest acquisition. Mark decided to purchase Pocket – an application that serves not only to explore the content, but also save it for later. In addition, Pocket allows you to categorize articles, links, and all recorded information. The best part is there, however, is that each of the things we have access even when you do not have an Internet connection. Mozilla announces that the acquisition has no intention to change anything not too much to interfere with the operation of applications – Pocket will be further developed by the same 25-person team. Pocket now has about 10 million active users per month and it is likely that this number will be increased through support for Mozilla. Of course, the latter brand is going to implement Pocket permanently into your browser to allow users to save and later, easy viewing of contents. Interestingly, Pocket began his career in 2007 and it … as an extension to the Firefox browser. As you can see everything returns and good for developers. Developers have not informed yet, can we expect any change in mobile applications, but given the increased budget, the news just look at us from the horizon. Mozilla has done just a great buy, which further more attractive all versions of the browser. Keep it up.