Once again returns a topic related to the creation by Nokia devices ubieralnych. Once absorbed by Withings, a Finnish brand has a whole new plan of how to exist in the segment of equipment ubieralnych. Nokia will focus on the development because the most important element SmartWatch.

The Withings absorbed by Nokia, I wrote to you yesterday. The changes are directly related to the rebranding and the creation of entirely new platform for health monitoring. The Finnish brand does not want to settle for things that were created a few or several months ago. Nokia has plans to further SmartWatch and we know that the Finns will focus on the development of the most important element – these are specifically oz aimplementowanie to watch the greatest possible battery. You do not need to tell anyone that SmartWatch today work really poorly when it comes to charging them – at least those that are equipped with a system Android Wear. Nokia wants to change that and create with Withings SmartWatch that will work long battery life. The manufacturer is faced with are problems associated with the design and optimization software, so that it is not draining the battery. Cedric Hutchings of Nokia said that it is more than likely that we will see in the next smartwatchu shield and screen made of AMOLED technology, which is translated into relevant results related to the battery. Regardless of what Nokia is going to do, everything indicates that the company plans really specific changes in the company, but also a lot of news on the product – as you can see, the Finns want to finally start earning money concrete. We can expect not only return to the mobile market. New segments are waiting for Nokia hole.