With the agreement of Withings, a whole bunch of new products from Nokia logo will appear soon in stores. Firms were getting ready to surprise the fair MWC, but have not seen anything concrete. So what comes across, seemingly insignificant situation?

A surprise from Nokia and Withings I wrote to you before you start fair MWC in Barcelona. Both brands were present jointly developed product, but it turns out that it is about something else. Withings go rebranding and already a whole will be taken under the wings of Nokia. The changes are related to, among other things the creation of a platform of health and the presentation of new devices to measure activity. Nokia from that moment completely replace the brand Withings, which means that the products of the latter, said the company has simply will not occur. Cedric Hutchings of Nokia said that its brand has greater range than Withings and is able to give all the reliability and the quality – so that our health was always in the best condition. From now Withings appliances such as air gauge, SmartWatch, pressure and some other equipment, will be sold just under the logo of Nokia. Rebranding will not be limited to a few appliances – all this and more specifically the planned action. The last of the changes is the introduction of testing a specific platform Nokia HIPP, which is to allow physicians to connect with patients and transfer of research results, and other important data in the context of health. You may be surprised that Nokia did not present any of Withings, a new device on the scene. But from the larger perspective, these changes seem to be certainly better (over time) than the next presentation, the same SmartWatch.