Every now and then returns the fashion for so-called "golden numbers" phones that – at least theoretically – are much easier to remember, for some it may be some kind of indicator of prestige. Anyway, gold phone number is not a trivial matter, since rates can easily reach some of the several hundred gold. Meanwhile, a small network offers you a golden telephone number has a symbolic hundred. It would be no use? 😉

Logo: wRodzinie

This network is the platform "The Family", which is part of the media empire of the famous monk from Torun. But before he discouraged the operator's offer, click and see what fun you can get out the phone numbers for relatively small money.

I'm not sure if this operator can migrate to another network while maintaining the phone number, but if the group gsmManiaKów there are those who at all costs want to have an interesting and easy-to-remember phone number, they should at least consider the offer. Who knows, maybe at some time we will see even interesting smartphones on offer network? After writing an application that supports RSS feeds from all over the media empire his father Rydzyk should further merge that special family nationwide. 😉 Source: wrodzinie.com.pl