Dual cameras are practically nothing new in the mobile world. It turns out, however, that this segment needed a revolution. It may, however, be greater than everyone had expected.

I remember times dual camera smartphone-hits, such as even the HTC Evo 3D, which surprised almost everyone. Then there were more solutions from LG and other manufacturers, but the production of this type of technology has never entered the "higher level". New report reveals, however, that the device with dual camera are doomed to success. Their share in the mobile market could, in the near future rise by up to several hundred percent. According to the company Counterpoint, which she analyzes the mobile market, the end of 2017 the world has run approximately 300 million smartphones using dual camera on the back cover. Comparing this to last year we have to deal with … 400% increase. A lot, enough? For this you have to have to answer for themselves. You may not like Apple and have a different view on this brand, but it is a corporation with an apple logo launched the iPhone 7 trend dual camera again. Now you can see that this way goes well Huawei and several other Chinese brands. LG G6, which will be announced in a few days will also have a solution of this type on the back cover. In the lobby it is also said about brands such as Xiaomi, LeEco or even Samsung and HTC. If manufacturers put their money on current fashion, dual cameras, it may be that virtually every smartphone by the end of this year will use them to take pictures. Do you come to us that good? I think so, but the reality, as usual, everything will verify. Source: KoreaHerald