Tinder dating is an application that has no equal. Creators can not, however, stand in place and it seems that the users finally live to see the new features. In order to improve some elements of the program, Tinder bought the company responsible for creating the video.

For a long time there was any, significant news on Tinderze. Since the introduction of subscription for users, Brand admittedly changed a few things, but still does not have a significant feature – the Tinderze because you will not find any citations directly from the video. It all has to change, because the creators have taken over the company dedicated to creating clips: the new Tinder had reportedly been working since 2015. Videos can change a lot in the context of the dating service and the way in which users use every day application. The use of short clips to better identify the person and assess its personality: it is known that the images do not reflect the natural smile and important facial gestures performed by another person. It's important for people to Tinderze looking for something more than entertainment. Besides the clips, the creators are also planning to add the possibility of jointly creating and editing video content by two users. It is not known how this feature will work, but it promises to be interesting. Tinder CEO announced that the brand apart from the introduction of video also wants to improve other services and add minor features, which will affect the usability of the application. It is still unclear exactly what it will be – so you'll need to wait patiently. It is possible that with the new changes will increase the subscription price. On the other hand, video in Tinderze can be really interesting.