MediaTek may have a big problem, because according to a new report from Taiwanese were to be forced to cut orders for Helio X30 by 50%. The reason for this decision is to be no takers for this flagship processor.

MediaTek Helio X30 announced on the processor that could help Tajwańczykom enter the lounges. 10 cores (including 2xCortex-A73 clocked at 2.8 GHz) quad-core GPU PowerVR 7XT, support for up to 8 GB of RAM LPDDR4 and support for UFS 2.1, and this 10nm process technology – it could be fantastic, cheaper alternative Qualcomm chips. Unfortunately, the best system in the portfolio MediaTek does not enjoy too much interest on the part of manufacturers of smartphones. According to Digitimes, MediaTek reduced by 50% order to produce Helio X30 at TSMC, due to lack of demand. Xiaomi has waived this system, probably wanting in the near future to promote its own processor Pinecone, LeEco likely to withdraw due to financial problems, and the Oppo and Vivo (with the potential for sales of more than 200 million smartphones in 2017) has not yet decided. The only one partner is so far Meizu and probably several other smaller producers, but it may not be enough. If all of these messages are confirmed, a media library may have to wait a very difficult period, and ambitious plans for the future may be buried. Source: Digitimes