The network just got a new set of Humble Mobile Bundle. Set, next to which is difficult to pass by! /

New set is a treat especially for lovers of mobile RPGs. While in the lowest threshold for the equivalent of one dollar we can not find virtually any interesting production, so if you are going to fork out for this set of about 25 gold, then you can get ready for a really large packet of excellent production. In the second threshold, determined by the average payment buyers (currently about 5.4 €) you will find three titles, of which your attention definitely will return two. The first is Wayward Souls – not coincidentally the title we put on our list the top 10 mobile hack'n'slashów, because the game is just not worth it. The latter, in turn Shadowrun Returns – elapsed adaptation of a great board game placed in the cyberpunk world, transformed the extremely playable RPG-a. YouTube Preview Image Real rarities are waiting for us, but in the highest threshold, access to which we get for the equivalent of € 5.6. The first production is splendid, immortal KOTOR, that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. This is because a great conversion of a capital-RPG and years ago, despite the fact that since the release of this title have passed as many as 11 years. The game did not aged, is still offering us many opportunities in the world created by George Lucas. Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director's Cut is in turn a very successful continuation of Shadowrun Returns, which could be found in the previous threshold. Shadowrun: Dragonfall to 5 new complex scenarios that be enough for at least a dozen hours of gameplay in the style of a famous predecessor. Continuation is also significantly improved artificial intelligence opponents and improved visuals. In short, quite a solid production for long hours of fun. How so you can see if you have some free time and money, and RPG is one of your favorite genres, you definitely do not have something to think about. You just have to have the parcel. Source: Humble Bundle