After almost four years of working in a Chinese brand, Hugo Barra announced that departs from Xiaomi. So far it is unclear what is the direct cause, but the more we can learn from an entry that mentioned the president put on Twitter.

It will be a tough day for fans of Xiaomi. Hugo Barra officially announced on his Twitter that after four years of work in Xiaomi officially ends cooperation with the Chinese giant. Barra has officially run until the end of January and February will be a completely new things at the same time returning to the US Silicon Valley. Barr was employed by Xiaomi 3.5 years – from 2013 dealt with the so Chinese brand to grow and begin to grow. It turns out that it went well, because Lei Jun said that Xiaomi is growing … far too quickly. Barra Xiaomi compliments and says that working in China was exciting and certainly was an interesting adventure – but it's time to fully partnership came to an end. Barra explained that living in China and working there every day seriously affected his health and family life, so he would like to go back to California and his friends. Xiaomi is also to be on the ideal path for this to become a powerful tiger in the segment of mobile devices. The next step will be even greater brand expansion into new markets. It is not known exactly what will now be dealt with Barra, but you can not deny him the hard work for Xiaomi, which will surely be remembered. The question is not one of such important masters, Chinese brand will be able to cope in the long run. The answer to this question we will, however, probably only a few months.