Nokia 6 appeared in the rapid sale of only 24 hours, and the interest in the new smartphone was huge. We learned how many people registered on the flash halls to get their art smartphone. The results are really impressive.

Nokia is the official return of 6 Chinese brand on the market – more information about it can be found in the entry Damian. The smartphone was shown only last week, and the sales will go next week, on 19 January. Shop JD organized but the records for pre-device and it turns out that the new Nokia is a lot of volunteers – within 24 hours to share sales signed up 250,000 people! Interestingly, the records themselves are not free. Users must transfer $ 9, which will be later deducted from the final price of the smartphone – all this in order to confirm their participation. Looking at the popularity of this equipment, it seems that it is not about the same logo Nokia. Under the housing smartphone was Snapdragon processor 430 and the 4 gigabytes of RAM. The smartphone will display the full full HD 5.5-inch screen. It just means so much that Nokia 6 should have no problems with the operation during normal, everyday use. Members tempted also to the camera on the rear panel, which has a 16-megapixel camera. There would be nothing extraordinary smartphone if not for its price – Nokia 6 is expected to cost about 245 dollars, which is really a decent price considering the parameters and possibilities. Later this year, Nokia will present new models, among which there will be models of both the flagship and budget. Also, these structures are characterized by low entry price.