Cracked screen, lack of response to plugging the charger or broken microphone – just a few of the many problems faced by owners of mobile devices. What usually breaks down in smartphones and what it costs to repair?

Anyone experienced this at least once in your life – a moment of inattention, smartphone slips out of your hand and falls in slow motion on the tarmac, the floor or the tub. Unfortunately, it usually ends up rupture of the screen, flooding entire device, or any other defect that prevents normal use of the smartphone. Service warranties usually do not cover this type of event, and therefore remains a repair on your own or purchase a new device. However, given the high prices currently sold top models, repair seem to be the most cost-effective choice.


Most faults which have happened to smartphones, applies to the display. Not surprisingly, since it occupies from 60 to 90 percent of the front panel. Even the glass with increased resistance to scratches break the fall of the device on a hard surface. Repair price is in the range from 100 to up to 1500 zł. In many models may be even higher than the value used smartphone. If broken only outer suburban, this cost can be reduced by using refabrykację display. Much cheaper than repairing a damaged screen earlier is equipped smartphone in a protective case and glass. Case absorbs all or part of the energy arising during the fall and prevents the display from this stress. In turn, tempered glass, preferably a hardness of 9H (10-point Mohs scale) and a thickness of 0.3 mm, provides direct screen protection against mechanical damage. The cost of quality housing and tempered glass should not exceed 50 zł.

Charging socket

Daily connecting a smartphone to the charger makes the charging socket is second only to the display element, which usually breaks down in smartphones. Guilt is not to be sought only in the delicate construction of the connector. It turns out that the main cause is the use of the device during charging. All the stress and jerk the cable tend to be directly lethal to the charging socket. Risk of damage applies equally to microUSB port, and the Lightning USB type C. However, in the case of this vulnerability is only visit the site. How to prevent accidents of this element? First of all, to minimize the use of the smartphone while charging. It is also important to use the original charger and cable. Price replace the damaged port is about 100 zlotys. Unfortunately, in some smartphones can not fix the plug. It is necessary to exchange the complete system or the whole motherboard. The cost of even a few hundred dollars, which in the case of older models usually exceeds their market value.

Dangerous contact with water

Smartphones are several times more likely to destructive water than other electronic devices. The reason is very simple – we take them with you to the bathroom, the shower, the pool or the lake. And although it may seem that flooded the phone is only suitable for disposal, the services successfully reanimates phones drowned in a toilet bowl or washed in the washing machine. A significant part of the flooded phone manages to fix it – of course, using the right equipment, knowledge and experience. Key are the first seconds after pulling the device out of the water. If only there is a possibility, you should immediately remove the battery, memory card and SIM card and phone dry using a towel. Then immediately go to the site. It is also worth to remember what not to do in case of flooding smartphone – absolutely not dry it with a hair dryer or oven, do not put a bowl of rice, or connect the charger. Self-attempted repair can cause more damage than benefit. Repair costs flooded device starting from 100 zł. The final price depends on the number of damaged components.

ailing battery

Quickly discharging the battery problem every user who actively uses his smartphone. Unfortunately, the manufacturers are trying to maximally hinder, or even prevent independent replacement battery that sooner or later simply consuming. In most new smartphones it is necessary to unscrew a few screws and break the warranty seal. This forces users to use the service or buy new equipment. Replacing the battery is usually cost from 80 to 200 zł.

fot. Andrey Popov,

fot. Andrey Popov,

To maximize the battery life of your smartphone, you must often be loaded and do not allow complete discharge. Best to constantly keep the charge at the level of 40-90%. It is also important to avoid extremely high and low temperatures. Negative effects can also bring overnight charging device. We must also remember that modern batteries are deprived of so-called. "Memory effect", so they should not be formed (format), that is, completely discharge and recharge fully.

other faults

Do not forget to minor defects, which typically occur in conjunction with those mentioned earlier. With the collapse or flooding spoil or speakers, microphones, vibrating motors, physical buttons, cameras, connectors, headphone, fingerprint readers and modules Wi-Fi. In most cases, replacing a single component should not cost more than 100-150 zł.


The main causes of defects in smartphones is the lack of attention and incompetent use of the equipment. A one-time investment of just a few dozen gold in the housing and protective glass and follow a few simple rules. This can save the expense of hundreds of gold for repairs in the future. If, however, will have damage to the smartphone – do not be afraid to visit the site. Repair cost can be much lower than the price of the new device. usterki-smartfonow-infografika-HQ Source: GoRepair