Just a few hours ago Nokia sued Apple for patent infringement, both in the US and Europe. At the moment we do not know how to roll up the whole situation, but we already know some details.

At night, the network spread around the information about the fact that the official Nokia sued Apple for patent infringement Finnish mark in the United States and Europe. The lawsuit was filed in Europe in several regional courts: among other things, in Munich, Mannheim and Dusseldorf. In the United States, Nokia filed a complaint only in Texas. It turns out, however, that the said producer wants to expand the scale of the whole situation. With regard to technology, the Nokia lodges a complaint concerning the use of patents related directly with displays, video encoding, antennas, software, user interface, and strangely … chipsets Apple. Nokia did not disclose any details about that stuff created by Apple infringes its ideas, but the Finns rely on iPads and iPhones – there is no question of iMacach or smaller laptops companies with an apple logo. Nokia mentions at all, that its patents are widely used in many Apple products. According to Nokia, Apple had a license for the use of certain technologies and patents in 2011, the Finns, however, continue trying to reach an agreement on the other, undeclared issues. The application to the court because there are 32 completely different patents. Apple was already this year in court at least once, with another large brand: of course it is a Samsung. The two giants continue fighting each other for patents, the case was transferred to the Court of Appeal in the United States. It seems that the company Tim Cook will therefore another problem on its head.