Just a few hours ago, the American branch of HTC on Twitter showed little surprise. It is possible that this communication is a prelude to the presentation of new equipment so that the Taiwanese company could well enter into the new year from the beginning.

A picture that appeared on the network really does not give virtually no information on what exactly to expect. Moreover, according to the leaks, the same graphics press release was sent to all editors around the world. So we can expect from such a surgery that HTC actually preparing a big premiere, which will be able to surprise us. Interestingly, the event is to take place exactly four days after the end of CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Given that it is mentioned the city and the event is the moment in which the biggest brands present their novelties … hard to figure out what really can walk. Of course, HTC also will be at CES, so the same invitation becomes really puzzling. The very letter "U" allows us to have to keep guessing. It is worth recalling a situation in which the Taiwanese brand after the release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich presented the model HTC Desire U – weak, 4-inch smartphone. It is not known whether the invitation is associated with another device with fiscal shelves, but you suspect that the situation will roll also in this direction. January longer really close and for several days we'll find out what's going on Tajwańczykom head. The fewer the better news. May finally only surprise for us was satisfactory.