Company Synaptics officially announced the creation of a new technology that works and allows to recognize a new way fingerprint user. More specifically, a question of the scanner Natural ID FD9100, which is to solve the problems which have so far plagued the majority of readers.

Synpatics officially informed that they managed to create a fingerprint scanner ID FS9100, which is based on several solutions. The whole idea is to use an optical fingerprint scanner, which is able to read the information on our fingers through the glass with a thickness of 1 millimeter. This way you do not need to do special grooves, cut holes or to choose the place for the reader – you can give it to everywhere. And this is connected with the use of specific materials for the construction of the smartphone. Sam fingerprint reader will also be placed under the casing, which makes it durable and resistant to scratches, water or other contaminants that can get into the hole. Technology from Synaptics is characterized by very low energy requirements. Along with the ID FS9100 company also provides special software that using artificial intelligence distinguishes proper fingerprint of a false – when another person wants to authorize. It is not known at this moment that the producers of the first decides to make use of it – very possible that it will be both Samsung and Apple. The new technology will see on board smartphones already in 2017, so not left us too long to wait. I wonder how expensive it will be to implement the solution and how it will affect the final price for the entire device.