We are still far away from that, to have a real and working correctly displays segment wearables. On the other hand, scientists and researchers have once again created a new solution that will allow for the dynamic development of the segment and OLED devices ubieralnych.

Currently in the segment of wearables all products look almost the same – they do not differ like, in addition to built-in components and programmed functions. According to Business Korea, two brands, namely KAIST and Kolon Glotech created, however, OLED technology, which allows you to display an image on a textile substrate. As a result, these companies received the screen, which is more flexible than competing technologies. Best of all, you can put it just on the garment's. The new OLED screens can be used to operate a thin, flexible plates that allow you to place them on textiles. The material is not a limiting factor, most problems make the same displays that currently have poor stability. Some materials, which can be attached screen are too rough or susceptible to temperature change. The technology is still in its infancy, however, it gives hope to the fact that within a few months on the market is ubieralnych something actually starts to happen. OLED placed on the fabric is stability at around 1000 hours. In idle mode the screen itself would be able to operate around 3500 hours – unfortunately, these results are not enough to start to put them on a large scale. Over the months, we can expect, however, that manufacturers will show solutions based on screens built into our clothes. And from that moment the revolution was not really have much.