Phone myPhone lands in Biedronka chain at a great price

Soon we will celebrate the feast of Grandma and Grandpa. These two days are perfect to make a beloved old ladies inexpensive, but donated a gift from the heart. Time has run out to buy flowers, take laurek, screwdrivers or yarn. Let's move with the times – apparently share the same idea Biedronka network as from next Monday, that 14.01.2013r., The range of one of the cheapest markets in Poland will be enriched by phone ELEGANT myPhone 1082, which will be sold at a great price, of 99, respectively.

myPhone 1082 ELEGANT / photo manufacturer

This device is the perfect phone for seniors. Its biggest advantage of the physical buttons are implemented with enormous sizes. Here were also a place for the classic green and red headphones, through which we receive and end a voice call. To use ELEGANT myPhone 1082 was even more comfortable with the machine we get the so-called base-charger. Recharging the battery takes place when inserted into the phone. myPhone 1082 ELEGANT is equipment in which the manufacturer installed a battery with a capacity of 800 mAh – according to official figures, it has to provide five hours calls and for eleven days in standby mode. When we receive a warranty card purchase thirty-six months. Source: Press Releases

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