Sometimes it so happens that we have to charge a smartphone during the day, even when not near an electrical outlet. In such situations, handy car charger Delock.

Delock 62739 Charger is a product aimed at users of four wheels. With two USB inputs, you can simultaneously connect a smartphone and enjoy the navigation. One of the inputs charger is equipped with fast charging technology Quick Charge 3.0 – the work of Qualcomm. It will be useful during the short drive, as supported by the device can be loaded up to 4 times faster. The second USB input provides output voltage of 5 V and output current of up to 2.4 A. now procured them in an intelligent charging technology to the needs of traditional devices. Here the driver can connect eg. Navigation. As manufacturer provides the user need not worry about your equipment. The charger provides equipment protection against short circuit, overcurrent protection and protection against overheating. Charger is available at a price of approx. 59 zł. Source: press release